Bokmål is one of the two official dialects in Norwegian. It's the one closest to danish.

Typical spelling/grammatical errors and their norwegian names

The list is written based mostly on REASON for the typing error, not as much CATEGORY. The names link to a page discussing the problem and possible solutions in more detail.

The errrors topping the list usually create the most confusion because they change the meaning of the word or the phrase.

Name Explanation Examples
Feil særskriving splitting up words like in English, when they should be written in one word "Ananas biter" (pineapple bites) However in Norwegian pineapples usually don't bite
Homonymer[1] mixup of similar-sounding words hun(she) with hund(dog)
Dobbelkonsonant writing words with only one consonant when it should have two, or vice versa "Bake"(to bake) vs "Bakke"(a hill)
Infinitivsmerke confusing the infinitive mark Å with its homonym OG "Vi gikk å lette" should be "OG lette" or infinitive used "Vi gikk for å lete"(changes meaning slightly)
Dittografi[1] doubling of letters, syllables or even more than one word "Du er er her", "gramatikkkontroll", "Universitetetet"
Sammenblanding[1] mixup of similar expressions "Han fikk reisning" (he was sexually aroused) vs "Han fikk oppreisning" (he was given indemnification)
Spoonerisme[1] mixing up the order of words or letters "veien lang er frem" vs "veien frem er lang", "Funnskapskorlaget" vis "Kunnskapsforlaget"
Smitte[1] putting wrong letters confused by the sounding "posistiv", "krininelt" vs "kriminelt", "Jeg skulle fulgt meg" vs "Jeg skulle fulgt med"
Gjentakelse[1] repeating words or expressions due to lack of conecntration, jumpy editing or thinking of a different structure while writing "Da vi kom, sto det sjampanje på bordet da vi kom."
Feil forenkling[1] simplfication in error, usually due to difficult pronounciation "østerrisk" should be "østerriksk"
Slagfeil [1] typo: additional or replacement: adjacent letter on the keyboard, switching two letters, skipped a letter Kornprinsen, Tre på ras, Tastaur, Kniov
Stumfeil writing silent letters where there should be none, or vice versa "Aldrig" g i aldri, men "Alltid" d i Alltid
Sammensetning Compounding errors: joining not-to-join words, joining them with wrong letters or symbols, or none where there should be one "Kjørglede" should be "Kjøreglede", "Potetskoker" is bad, "Tre Kors flaska" should have hyphen "Tre Kors-flaska"
Hyperkorreksjon Words "corrected" in error, usually by using a wrong language setting in the word processor. "Jeg fant nøklene I bukselomma". In most languages, "i" should be left alone. In English, never…
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