Intellij IDEA Ultimate Edition Languagetool License

Starting from August 2014, JetBrains has awarded LanguageTool with a license of IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition for its development.

Ultimate Edition

IDEA is a Java based IDE which improves development productivity. Ultimate edition comes with Web development tools such as PHP, Grails, JavaScript, developer tools like the UML designer and much more.

You can compare editions and check whether your contribution to LanguageTool would improve with the Ultimate Edition.

License will be valid for the latest and greatest version of the product and any updates along the license period.

Terms and conditions

If you are a regular contributor to any of the projects in the LanguageTool site, you are eligible to use the license. Please note that you can use the license as long as you are a regular contributor to LanguageTool and it is intended to help you with LanguageTool development only. You may use it with other Open Source projects but always while you are an active contributor to LanguageTool. You should check the license agreement on JetBrains page.

How to get the license

To apply for a license code, please contact juan.martorell (├ąt)

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