English Error Collection

This page mostly contains "real-world" errors, found on the Web, in e-mails, mailing lists etc. It's a starting point if you want to write rules for LanguageTool, but can't think of an error. Please collect errors that might be interesting for LanguageTool to detect. Errors that a simple spell checker can detect should not be listed. Cross-through errors that LT can already detect.

Real world errors

And its[it's] cool to fake romances.
Its[It's] that moment when you realize you are incapable of moving on…
Its[It's] Buffy the vampire slayer time.
Its[It's] really hard sometimes.
And its[it's] that they don’t understand them.
Its[It's] more like when we all run down the field with the person who has the ball
I mean yeah its[it's] cute, its[it's] transportation so I'm not gonna ram it into a tree.
They think its[it's] unfair of me.
Hey, it's curly in the morning but slowly straightens to get wavyish by the time its[it's] dry.
But its[it's] just that I can never do anything because of him.
And its[it's] more like sit there sniffling.
Until its[it's] dried a little, we have to use it.
Who know's[knows] where?
Don't you set down on the steps 'Cause you finds[find] it's kinder[kind of] hard.
What the hell is it's[its] purpose?
Sorry but am a newbie and didn't clearly understood[understand] the approach.
For he[the] first time, we are able to simulate the brain.
Errors will now be underlines[underlined].
How many protons and neutrons do theses[these] elements have…
You[Your] question involves the following topics, here are some links that will provide more details for each
the list if[is] also available
is build[built] into
annoying bug: comments lots[lost] during .xls / .xlsx export [The structure is correct. Example: The manager always comments lots during .xls export.]
I will write a getting started page for it and at[add] it to our wiki
The soccer arena has it's own train station.
…which is twice as slower[slow] as other rules.
Bad us[use] of interpunction.

Please make me correct[correct me] If I'm wrong
You an[can] set the mapred.child.java.opts on a per job basis.
…what was its' share in the overall performance cost.
It have[has] support for semantic predicates and rather sophisticated options for backtracking.
Of course dictionaries could come along with there[their] own UI.
Than[Then] the new "Wikimania Guide" http://bit.ly/bJ2vJm (PDF) ist the right thing for you.
Photoshop doesn't really handles[handle] RAW.
Most of the time you have to write more or an event[even] amount of code in C than you would have in Java.
To[Too] bad, that the development has stopped.
If you'd like to give a talk their[there] and present your system, please get in touch with me.
This is too much[much too] complex.
Looking forward to meet[meeting] you.
… bee[be] hosted…
The entire project, from start to finish, too[took] just over one month.
This is however a large topic of it's[its] own…
The[There] is one property for know[now] that…
I think you hit the nail on the hit[hat] though…
So I confused things a but[bit] and it was Kai Ahrens who had planned that.
But now it seems to be the perfect time because the old structure doesn't work anymore and have[has] to be changed anyway.
So I can[came] up with the idea of implementing
That being sad[said]…
The[Then] my search could just return docs.
Thank you very match[much] for your answer.
My first try was to use a field with the option 'NO_NORMS' but that did not worked[work].
(Premium) They will be read again by then[the] next call of the scanning method.
I originally thought is[it] was a subversion problem
(Premium) …so why not just [call] it IndexWriter2 and when we…
The original versions of that patches[patch] have been removed
… something like 90 most likely never makes since[sense].
for out -> for our
Such a think[thing] can be useful,
But translated strings were not showed[shown] correctly
…because serving static files seems a lot safer then[than] relying on both the "zone" and hudson being up.
… but it would definitely needs[need] to be mentioned in the NOTICE.txt
as there are two Fieldable implementations that does[do] not implement
Could someone give advise[advice?] on a better way to do this
I don't how [know] to call in English
And let's don't[not] forget about…
So far I didn't found[find] any possibility
…is a bit slower but we gets[get] all the benefits…
The[This] is the "preferred" solution
The solution I initially came up with — and their[there] might be a better way…
…may be more expensive on some filesystems then[than] others.
…if there are forms in our dictionary that doesn't[don't] seem to be used
…will be published for discussion after it's[its] completion.
It's great someone is nor[now] working on…
There has[have] been changes since 2.0
The progress bar window on,startup is way to[too] big
Nutch uses it's[its] own Analyzer.
I agree Matt and Zack either do not understand why there are complains[complaints] from community
If this is followed for the application JAR files as well, than[then] there is no need to set the CLASSPATH variable.
(Premium) I have already been thing[thinking] about embedding a SMTP server…
As I sad[said] before XQuery is much…
ass[as] well as
I guess by giving to[two] different version of java in the path variable…
It shouldn't not[] be.
What jar is this suppose[suppose] to be coming from
It learn[learns] and adapt[adapts] on user behavior. [LT finds the first problem, but not the second problem.]
This is pretty much one of it's[its] main use cases
…so you don't have to right[write] one. [Not a grammar error. 'to right' is a verb. Compare "… are thus daily sacrificed, without an effort to right themselves."]
(Premium) I'm[I] think also persistence…
…can be "installed" by unpacking it's[its] lib directory which contains libraries…
It's getting rather late know[now].
But I see the problem of two[too] many files for a single form as well.
But I'm wondering weather[whether] there are any documents…
This approach ash[has] turned out to be considerably faster… [Not a grammar error. Compare: This coal ash turned out to be considerably slower to remove than we expected.]
Nowadays the images are et[set?] in the dojowidget.
The element can have for[four] different kinds of child elements.
In the examples below, HT should be replaces[replaced] with a tabulation character.
Access to content was quite ease[easy]
It has it's[its] own issues.
The[then] I had to prepare my own presentation about…
You're[Your] optimization is a good example
Please report this problem to they[them].
I also have wrote[written] a small documentation.
Does maxMergeDocs is a solution for the merge process to be lower? [word order]
(Premium) No doubt were[we're] making progress.
Nelson's stated goal is on [the?] one hand a platform for the Project Xanadu [Not a real error, see https://jakubmarian.com/on-the-one-hand-on-one-hand/]
(Premium) Pre process your data and using perl is much [more/very?] powerful and flexible.
No, I mine[mean] not the knowledgebase, …
Every language has his[its] own dictionary.
Also some one[someone] already had started…
(Premium) My turn of though[t]
How is[] would this constructor be useful?
It only matter[matters] on multiple CPU machines
It appears the submitter is working at solving all of these issue[issues].
I must admin[admit] that my code is very i18n unfriendly.
We are looking for people who has[have] the expertise in this area
(Premium) I will use and[an] online and offline index.
…end[and] never will.
Strigi stands on it's[its] own.
It's[Its] job is to stand in front of…
This makes me thing[think] of an article in Linux Journal
I has[had] a look at…
Also, the ZIP should contains[contain] a license,…
Paul: you under stand[understand] Span queries a lot better then i do
People have reported better success with Tomcat then[than] with Jetty.
A search process has to do usually two thinks[things].
This depends of[on] the documents number n_d for a term.
More then[than] likely the specific changes you asked about were overlooked.
Does this book really exit[exist]?
This will works[work] fine when the operation does not have high frequency.
Glad to here[hear] that
For example, a database table that has been parse[parsed] as an XML file should be stored in the index
I've decided to renamed[rename] the project.
I don't speak chinese at all, but I talked with expects[experts] about this topic some times ago.
The above discussion has shown that in order to overcome the limitations one has [to] take into account linguistic features at all levels.
My brother is in the some[same] situation.
I am not understanding [I do not understand] whether my mails…
(Premium) I use[used to] have an interface for my readers in reader-valued fields to support this.
Any profiler can add it's[its] own overhead.
If you live where conditions can very[vary] dramatically from day to day or week to week it is sometimes a good idea…
(Premium) I think it is party[partly] right what you write.
I can't explain you[] the difference
Isn't it more subtle then[than] that?
What is Aspect Oriented Programming and what are it’s[its] benefits?
(Premium) It seems that is[it] might be straight forward to implement a multi-threaded merge.
In general I would say yes, but I don't know [what] your requirements are.
…it would be a Java issue an[and] this would be the wrong place to ask for.
(Premium) As well as a new HTML work, there are other things […] want to change
You're right, and that's actually at the hard[heart] of the issue.
I'm using Lucene/PyLucene is[if] that makes a difference.
But may be[maybe] I miss understand[misunderstand] you and…
Does[Do] I miss something?
(Premium) I did want[what] you said but still errors: …
I did what you said but still [get] errors: …
I can manually delete the file[files] that are not able to be deleted by the application.
Can any guru help me to[] find the reason? [Not a grammar error. The sentence is correct.]
Where we should store the interfaces of other the [word order] core extension points.
Do[Did] you tried browse[try to browse] the ui with lynx?
I copied the war file to /root/ but I [am] getting errors.
Very thanks for your help.
(Premium) I believe the CLucene developers are more focused on providing a indexing/searching library that other[others] can build an application with.
My be[Maybe] you all would found it interesting to talk with each other, just for conversation.
Here is a list of things that need to be done so that another language can [make] use of OpenThesaurus to create their own thesaurus: …
Are not there[word order] any disadvanteges in the area of getting good page scores?
He is in[on?] vaction this week.
No, in the moment[currently] not.
There always might be results,[no comma] which are not the closest,[no comma?] but fit much better.
(Premium) Regarding nutch, I [am] especially interested in using it as a framework…
So something must of[have] happened to grow HEAD a lot!
(Premium) … no sense to maintain 2 implementation[implementations] in one project.
…and that [it] make[makes] no sense to maintain 2 implementations in one project.
It is difficult to speeding[speed] this process more up [word order].
…data comes throw[through] the network…
It can [be] defined like that.
Re: DOT SThere is a known bug in Netscape Navigator version 4.0.xerver again down [word order: down again]?
(Premium) I have [a] problem with Nutch-04 ver.
Make it sense to not use the getDetail method and write a getUrl() instead?
Working with brunches[branches] is a pain, I [am] busy enough to keep in sync with cvs head.
lost[loss] of data in case temp folder is full
Note that this only work[works] for small sites
What we need is a very simple peace[piece] of software which we can run…
…because of there[their] content an[and] so one[on],
(Premium) … since the internal encoding used by Aspell never actually has to [be] visible outside of Aspell since all input can be in UTF-8…
If Aspell every[ever] supports these languages … [LT finds an error for 'supports'.]
…the implementation is just confusing me and my be[maybe] other people too
It does [sound] like file i/o is now your bottleneck.
Yes, I do you[use] the same analyzer for indexing and searching.
In this case Lucene would run [out] of memory too, …
How best is it to segment your indices? [???]
Just split thinks[things] and setup a huge query farm that hopefully can handle the load?
Can any one[anyone] point me to [the] right direction…
When I look ate[at] the code it seems…
(Premium) But does[is] the order be[] the same for all documents?
(Premium) But does[is] the order be[] the same for all documents. [???] [No question mark at the end of the sentence.]
Does somebody has[have] an idea how to solve this problem?
In case you wish to make a[] pressure that someone fix[fixes?] this…
this is not the same thing than[as]…
(Premium) If you[] a developer feels like reviewing…
(Premium) May[Maybe] we can do some test scripts…
(Premium) Sounds that interesting? [Does…]
Them[Then] check if there…
I new[knew] none related issues now
Should be[we] add a…
(Premium)However I person[personally] think that the nutch….
(Premium) Again, this is just a request — but it[if] you guys think it's not going to be widely used feel free to ignore it.
(Premium) …but he did not many[make] any changes.
I'm vary[very] happy to announce that we join…
I[If] the data changes, one server will know the change.
I think not, …[I don't think so]
Thank you, I supposed this, [??? "ich habe das schon vermutet…"]
(Premium) As a next step I wanted to have an additional group that allowed my[me] to analyze the revenue…
(Premium) Bit[But] myspell standard does not handle this correctly [The rule finds errors where a proper noun comes after 'Bit'. 'myspell' is an unknown word and thus the rule does not find 'Bit' in the example sentence. The spell checker finds 'myspell'.]
…, e.g. it support[supports] phrase searches…
(Premium) If you a[are] pretty sure of the quality of the query,…
Also does clucene lib is reliable[word order, …]? [LT gives an error for 'is']
The contribution to the community by other people, who write documentations or do sometimes mundane tasks, where only investigated marginally my[by] researchers.
Does this really happen always you select another folder? [???]
Porting this to a new a new["a new" doppelt] layer would be…
If you can […] your app with 1.9…
I tried it with out[without] the rewite but that didn't help.
(Premium)… a key component in supporting development for OS X and will be come[become] even more so as the migration to Intel progresses.
(Premium) I think the solution Mark has suggested does solves[solve] the problem in an acceptable way.
(Premium) It's actually gonna be a little better than the solution the customer is[] has right now.strikethrough text
What I need to do is give the user the possibility to search for a phrase that starts at the and[end] of a page.
One problem is that you often don't [know] where a sentence starts and ends.
(Premium) If you don't want the tools to appear on the KDE Control Center of[or] you just don't want to bother with libpythonize…
For the above kind of check one might like to change this since other wise[otherwise] it will be somewhat arbitray which of color or colour is encounterd first.
…and continue until the last one without out[] being interrupted by…
…that won't happen also[either].
This allows is[us] to really just have one place where we have to write our code..
I'll leave it us[up] to you to decide whether to include this…
The talk will given[give] an overview about what the new version of the office suite is capable of.
I know how to to[do] this, …
(Premium) Version 3.0 fixes a[] multiple bugs and improves the installation process.
Is[Does] sorting works[work] properly.
use the same values than[as] lucene
I never show[saw] that problem before.
(Premium) Constructs an[and] initializes a Weight for a top-level query.
We have to changed[change] either the cws integration/rejecting rules or the mechanisms…
(Premium) And for bonus points they are use[using] Qt for the client gui.
Splash screen images can be[] have GIF, PNG, or JPEG formats.
If you require aby[any] further information please let me know. [Found by the spelling checker]
(Premium) The application could separately[separate] a document into several documents.
You also has[have] different charsets in your MimeHeader: …
(Premium) Dublin core may[???] is good for semantic web.
(Premium) This way to make a sort is not mention[mentioned] in the Lucene In Action book
And we are fixing as many bug[bugs] as possible.
In may[my] case that are not that much. [LT gives a warning for 'case'.]
So what I'm look[looking] for is the path like this:
(Premium) And it is nice to edit in a mode in which you can to[do] limited damage to the site.
(Premium) In my application of Lucene, I am[] must search through some fields…
(Premium) …and concentrate the[] all our resources on the other aspects of localization.
…so we have not[no] attribute for that. [LT gives a warning for 'attribute']
…and than[then] I'm sure such kind of community contributions are every-time welcome.
I was surprised to found[find] this limitation.
…then there's really know[no] way to know.
(Premium) …for the index from the OS, then that it[is] the time to start looking at caching strategies.
Does OOo has[have] a log file?
(Premium) Is[If] someone is using Mozilla, thunderbird or KMail…
I couldn't finished[finish] my work on the Tablet PC…
(Premium) Computer[Compute] some kind of weight for each term,…
For[From] time to time I will post tips…
Implement this method the[to] modify the document….
It is even worst(worse) than top-posting…
That being sad[said], … [duplicate error above]
If I interrupt my IndexWriter with a kill signal, must[most] of the time I will be left with a lock file.
(Premium) But I have know i dear[idea] hmow i could display the how…l
…could display the howl[whole] sentens which includes the query string.
(Premium) Should me[we] maybe…
(Premium) All of you a[are] invited to join…
…and these can no[now] be replaced by core JDK classes.
(Premium) Like if it's[its] contents have changed,
Even with you[your] code changes…
…community not only by it's[its] name but also by…
This group meet[meets] on Mondays 3pm German time on regular basis…
i have herd[heard] that before on other web sites all
this could be switched of[off] with a new attribute on <exception>.
Your[you're] right, but for a silly feature…
(Premium) Makes this sense and how can this be done? [Does this…]
(Premium) The demand for branching off OOD680 is not that[as] high as expected.
The[Then] I tried to think of a way to reduce the number
Without the giant Boolean query attached to the final query, stem[step] three takes about 15 ms.
What shell[shall] one put into dictionary.lst so that Uzbek (Cyrillic) appears in a language list?
You could not have chosen a worst[worse] example
Although I instantiates[instantiate] a new IndexSearcher, …
(Premium) Here we,[] have a local directory on the left…
This is a philosophically[philosophical] question.
Here you can […] how it is possible to feel pictures with free software!
I have already wrote[written] a tokenizer…
(Premium) The problem could not by[be] solved by the spellchecker
original,but people claim it to be there[their] own
because the[they] cannot make the…
…to an explicitly *Java* list may be[] prove fruitful than you might hope…. (?) [LT gives a warning for 'prove']
The most[] best way of looping through…
Rexa can also understands[understand] people and grants.
I didn't found[find] the answer.
I've modify[modified] Queue.java to not cache…
….which contains  the to[two] String[] arrays….
…and it uses Lucene for all it's[its] searching.
It's really Alpha quality so you don't will[won't] see a big announcement splash for it.
There is a know[known] bug in Netscape Navigator version 4.0.x
This has been fixes[fixed] some time ago…
OOo scripting and addon production is just an other[another] way…
It should index ad[and] search the Arabic/English text
The Bean looks to see if your[you're] using multiple search servers…
(Premium) …and it has meet[met] each of these challenges wonderfully.
When I first me[met] my future wife…
(Premium) …followed by and[any] word that is not "and" or "to".
We can elaborate this distinction as follow [as follows].
(Premium) They are both guilty o[of] (ii): producing a definition of NCCs that does not capture the actual practice.

Other errors

(Premium) This is mines car.
This is there car.
Mine homes is sad.
(Premium) Than [at start of sentence]
(Premium) until than
arriving [at] Munich
see http://esl.about.com/library/grammar/blgr_adverbs.htm and others
…a[the] biggest house…
a lot vs. allot
flu <-> flew etc [for flu/flew]
tree [three] months
That's no[not] correct
a/the <adj> walks: always wrong?
be come -> become
the a / the an -> the
other then[than]
I has
I where
(Premium) can be build[built]
some king[kind] of
I'm believing -> believe
I'm working at <company> -> I work at…

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