Language Professionals Wishlist

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This is a summary of the feedback I got for this post and a similar post to the dev mailing list:


  • terminology support: only makes sense with multi words (terms that are made up of more than one word, like "New York"). Being able to specify POS tags would be nice.
  • integration into more editors and word processors
  • improve integration in OmegaT (usability issues, plug-in not up-to-date)
  • improve integration in CheckMate (easier set-up)
  • show line numbers in the GUI
  • provide well-known style sets like Chicago Style, Strunk & White, Economist Style Guide and others
  • show a single number that presents global text quality

Rule selection

  • make the commandline tool accept multiple --rulefile options to add multiple rule files (also disambiguation files)
  • add a switch for the commandline tool to add multiple word lists (for spelling), even with a way to turn off the embedded spell check dictionary
  • add a switch to enable or disable all rules in a specific category implemented in LanguageTool 3.3
  • tags for rules as another way of grouping rules

Rule empowerment

  • make rules depend on text structure (headlines, list items, etc.)
  • ignore single words in a language other than the rest of the text (is this a question of integration?)
  • more powerful rules like "use a comma after a subordinate phrase"

General Ideas

  • become an open source competitor for Acrolinx IQ
  • work more closely together with the OmegaT/Okapi teams


As some of the feedback was provided to me in private, I'm listing the sources here anonymously:

  • Re: feedback about LanguageTool from a language professional (2016-02-26)
  • RE: looking for language professionals (2016-02-16)
  • Re: looking for language professionals (2016-02-14)
  • Looking for language professionals - LanguageTool Forum (2016-02-11)
  • Re: looking for language professionals (2016-02-10)
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