We offer a simple HTTPS REST-style service that anybody can use to check texts with LanguageTool. When using it, please keep the following rules in mind:

  • Please do not send automated requests. For that, set up your own instance of LanguageTool, which is very easy.
  • Access is currently limited to 20 requests per IP per minute.
  • The maximum text size is limited (currently to 20KB).
  • Only HTTPS is supported, not HTTP.
  • This is a free service, thus there are no guarantees about performance or availability.
  • The LanguageTool version installed may be the latest official release or some snapshot. We will simply deploy new versions, thus the behavior might change without any warning.
  • We promise that we only log meta data of your requests (like date/time, text length, language, number of errors found, HTTP referrer), not the actual text. See our privacy policy.

API documentation

See the JSON API.

If you want to use the HTTP API from Java (e.g. because this needs less memory than using the classes directly), try RemoteLanguageTool.

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