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Kichwa is the native's word for Quichua.

Belongs to the Quechua language group and has a grammar somewhat similar to german.

The Quechua languages' specialty is particles. Small subwords that you stick into or append to other words to change their meaning.
Causes are made up with particles indicating acusative, dative, genitive, and others.


wañuna to die
wañuchina kill. -chi- means "make ~" = make die
wañukrina going to die. -kri- means "going to ~"
wañuchikrina going to kill. -chi- and -kri- together, "going to make die"
wañunapash died, too. -pash means "~, too"
The combinations are MANY.
But the grammar is not too complex; a good spellchecker will actually catch many grammatical errors since the words are written together.
wañuchishpaka "if he was to kill … ", "if he killed …", "having killed…" few word order problems
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