Infrastructure Documentation

This is an internal documentation for members of the LanguageTool team. Please document paths and standard procedures here, but (obviously) don't provide any passwords etc.

People responsible for the server:
Daniel Naber
Marcin Milkowski

The server is a virtual server at Host Europe, running at

Our Server

The PHP pages are in ~/, updated from git every 5 minutes via cronjob. The Apache configuration is in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/ and

This server also runs the public HTTP API, which is a stand-alone Java process (no Tomcat involved) and a PHP-based proxy script. It gets deployed automatically with the latest snapshot every night. Its uptime is checked via, Daniel gets notified if the API is not accessible. It can be restarted with ~/ if needed. The latest log file is at ~/api/log.txt.

  • This Grails-based website is hosted under ~/tomcat/webapps/ROOT/ (which points to the system-wide Tomcat, thus it needs root permission to restart).
  • It gets deployed automatically every night.
  • Uptime check via Daniel's personal account on

Rule Editor

The rule editor is part of the website. Update data for Rule Editor for a given language:
cd /home/languagetool/ltcommunity/corpus
./ en

Update data for Rule Editor for all languages:
cd /home/languagetool/ltcommunity/corpus

External Services (AMO)

Markus and Daniel have developer access to make new releases of LanguageTool.

Chrome Webstore

Daniel has access to update our extension.


Marcin and Daniel have admin access to this wiki, hosted by Wikidot.


Daniel manages the domain names at

twitter, Facebook, Google+

Social media is managed via zoho social.

Daniel and Jan have admin access to our twitter account.
Jan and Marcin have admin access to our Facebook account.
Jan has admin access to

Continuous Integration

  • Jenkins: Daniel has admin access to the CI service.
  • Travis is integrated with github and controlled by the .travis.yml file, no special access needed.
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