Tasks For Language Maintainers

LanguageTool supports more than 25 languages, but not all of them have active maintainers. If you want LanguageTool to support your language well, consider becoming a maintainer. You do not need to know a programming language, and you do not need to be a linguist or grammar expert. A maintainer's tasks are:

  • Maintain the error detection rules: improve rules to create less false alarms, write new rules to detect new types of errors. How rules work is documented here.
  • Translate the LanguageTool user interface into your language. We make a new release every three months, so translations should also be updated every three months. As our user interface isn't very complex, this is actually not much work (less than 30 minutes every three months).
  • Keep track of incoming issue reports
  • Spread the word about LanguageTool, for example by blogging, or by contacting people who run websites that offer spell and grammar checking, asking them whether they have considered using LanguageTool.

Also, you should

  • be an active user of LanguageTool
  • have an excellent command of the language you maintain
  • know a little bit about XML or have the willingness to learn it (it's easy), so you can manage the error detection rules
  • subscribe to the forum - you don't need to follow all technical discussions, but you should have a general understanding of where LanguageTool is going

Languages in need of a maintainer are Japanese, Swedish, Belarusian, Persian and others.

What we Offer in Return

  • be part of the team that develops the world's most powerful Open Source proofreading tool (our REST API serves more than 500,000 requests per day)
  • your name listed as maintainer on http://languagetool.org/languages/ and in the "About" dialog of LanguageTool
  • an email address gro.lootegaugnal|emantsal.emantsrif#gro.lootegaugnal|emantsal.emantsrif

How to become a maintainer? Subscribe to the forum, start writing or improving some error detection rules, and send them to the list or send Github pull requests. If you need help, just ask on the list.

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